Herb of the Month Club


Join a vibrant community of plant nerds for a seasonal exploration of the plant allies that surround us all. Develop your herbal knowledge on an edible, medicinal, and practical level wrapped up in an intentional blanket of conservation and sustainability. Start each month of discovery learning the in's and out's of a single plant, slowly but deliberately building your knowledge and familiarity, in a structured and guided setting. Receive a custom plant monograph card, as well as lessons on the edible, medicinal, and practical functions of the plant. In addition, you will receive two printer-friendly recipe cards, one generally focused on an edible dish and one focused on medicine. On top of that, enjoy an in-field video, tips on home cultivation, and a monthly immersive homework assignment to give you well-rounded experience with the plant. 


  • The whole club is curated and maintained by Calgary's Practical Herbalist, Cheyenne Caza

  • All paid membership fees are pay-what-you-can, simply choose what you can comfortably afford * 

  • All paid memberships include the exact same perks, which can be found listed below

  • All paid memberships are non-refundable

  • Pass the annual exam in June for a certificate of completion

* Our pay-what-you-can fees are meant to increase accessibility to all those eager to study, while still allowing us to earn something for the tremendous time and effort we invest, as well as operation costs such as web hosting, filming, gas, and mileage. The more we earn, the more we can do. We have faith that those that can afford to pay more, will, and those that cannot still have the opportunity. If you find yourself unable to afford any of the paid options, contact us to work out a trade or volunteer opportunity for a free paid-membership. 



  • One spotlight card

  • Two recipe cards 

  • One sustainable use post

  • One in-field YouTube video (feel free to subscribe)

  • One home cultivation post

  • One edible use post

  • One medicinal use post

  • One practical use post

  • One Homework Assignment​


  • One extra entry into June prize pack giveaway

  • Free group plant walks (1 - 3 per year, in Calgary)

  • One Q&A session live on Zoom

  • Graded exam to earn a certificate of completion


  • One free PDF e-book titled Seasonal Saviours

  • Earn virtual badges for engagement in the online community


To become a free member, simply join our private Facebook group and explore to your heart's content! The Facebook group receives one spotlight card, one recipe, one sustainable use post, one in-field video, and one homework assignment each month. Not only is there an annual prize pack giveaway for all members on the free Facebook page, but there is also an additional draw for paid members only! Our most recent prize pack included a special edition t-shirt, a mortar and pestle, cottonwood oil, powdered styptic, dried herbs, and more.



We want this to be a meaningful experience for you and encourage you to sleep on it before purchasing a membership to avoid an impulse buy. We are not here to gouge or exploit anyone, a humble profit is our only financial goal. Collective reconnection to the earth and each other through education and intentional experiences is more what we strive for.  Contact us with any questions or input you might have.