Survival Plant Walks


Learn the edible, medicinal, and practical uses of local plant life and how they could aid in your survival.


Explore topics such as plant identification and toxic lookalikes, as well as plants that are great for shelter building materials, insulation, dental hygiene, water filtration, fire starter, and more. Topics covered on each walk shift with what plants are available seasonally and on-site. Conservation and sustainability are major focal points on all of our walks so we mainly teach about common or weedy plants, as well as abundant local trees. As it is technically illegal, we do not harvest anything from any city-owned property, including public parks. Provincial Parks are strictly off limit for harvesting and may result in a large fine. We organize one harvest per year on approved land, for folks to gain first-hand experience.


Monthly, half the funds received on our Survival Plant walks are donated to environmental, food, or health-related charities and organizations. For more info check out our donation impact page. 


Please note that all plant walks are subject to change and may be canceled due to dangerous weather, illness, or other urgent matters. We will do our best to inform everyone in time, so make sure to check back here and/or our Facebook page before you leave to see if we have canceled. 


  • We walk slow, but there is snow, ice, uneven ground, roots, mud, fallen logs, and other terrain difficulties to navigate 

  • Attendance is at your own risk; we assume no responsibility for injury or illness though we do our best to ensure the safety of all participants. The instructor is certified in first-aid and carries a kit

  • Children are welcome, only if accompanied by their guardian

  • Friendly, well-behaved dogs are welcome if that park allows it

  • Respect city bylaws by not removing any plant material

  • Practice leave no trace principles; pick up any garbage seen

  • The washrooms on site are closed for the season; plan ahead

  • Bring a reusable mug for the beverage & water to stay hydrated

  • We accept cash, cheque, e-Transfer, credit card, and barter/trade 

Plants we may encounter:
Scenes from past walks: