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Established in 2014, in Calgary, Alberta, land traditionally known as Mohkinstsis, we have always strived to make a difference. We live and work in the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Nations, which includes the Siksika, the Piikani, and the Kainai; as well as the Tsuut’ina and Stoney Nakoda First Nations, the Métis Nation (Region 3), and all people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta. 



The most important thing around here is to make sure that we provide a safe, entertaining, and accurate experience of discovery of local plants and herbal medicine, especially for folks that are facing limitations. Not only that we provide the opportunity, but that we do our part to ensure that ecosystem health, sustainability, safety, and tenderness - are at the forefront of people's minds when out in the wild. 


Though we have only just begun to shake things up , we now...


  • Offer a pay what you can/barter system for our services

  • Donate half our earnings on Survival Plant Walks to deserving organizations

  • Volunteer our time and resources serving marginalized communities and those in need

  • Organize and participate in an annual park and community cleanup

  • Encourage plant walk participants to carry out any garbage found

  • Have a recycle & reuse program where our bottles can be returned, sterilized, & reused



We know that as settlers practicing European herbalism on traditional lands, reconciliation with indigenous people is a pretty important thing to work towards actively and openly. We can appreciate the tidal wave of voices calling for the decolonization of native medicine and crafting traditions, a practice that is commonly usurped by non-indigenous herbalists - to this very day. It does not feel right that we could profit off of traditions and ceremonies that our colonizing ancestors did their best to erase, while indigenous people offering the same things are ignored and even mistreated. If you find yourself drawn to traditional cultures and medicines, there are plenty of authentic crafters, artists, and medicine people from all over Canada (and beyond) that are ready and willing to teach these topics themselves. We are in touch with several folks that are open to opportunities to work together if you need a referral. 


Our role as herbalists is not to get you to become reliant on us but to show you how to be self-reliant. That doesn't mean you shouldn't access whatever medical services are required for you to be at your best, but that you do not only trust the opinion of someone that is not you, not experiencing what you are. The ideal client is someone we have to see very rarely - not due to financial or time restraints, but because they are healthy and self-reliant. 


As Wisewood Apothecary evolves, we will continue to evaluate our impacts, be open to new ideas, provide entertaining programming, and take the time to ensure accuracy and simplicity in all that we create. We hope that you join us in the cause! 

We serve people from all walks of life

If there is something you think that would improve the experience around here for you, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with what you need. Contact us here 



+ Practical Herbalist - Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

+ Reflexologist - Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

+ HCP Level First-Aid with CPR & AED - Calgary First Aid

Cheyenne Caza

Owner, Practical Herbalist, Reflexologist


Cheyenne grew up fascinated by things like weather, plants, exploring, and general wandering. Her mom and grandpa largely fed her growing curiosity towards plants, including home gardening, wild foraging, and natural first-aid. As she grew up the knowledge she picked up as a kid served her well in many trying times. 


As she navigated her own health concerns, Cheyenne quickly saw there was a need for practical education on the safe use of the plants growing around us - safe for both us and the ecosystem. After years of formal and self-directed study, she now practices Western herbal medicine and leads plants walks all across Alberta, specializing in local weeds, trees, and superfoods.


Aside from plants, Cheyenne loves to dance, camp, eat, watch hilarious TV, explore new places, play Dungeons and Dragons, and have fun with her little ones. She is a sucker for good food, hot tea, and is always ready for adventure.


+ Apprentice & herbal student with Wisewood Apothecary

+ Girl Guide and survival enthusiast for 18 years

+ Child Studies Degree with a major in Child & Youth Care Counselling

Emily McFarlane

Herbal Apprentice 2018 - 2019 


Emily grew up as an outdoorsy child, camping and exploring through Girl Guides and summer camps, plants and trees hold a lasting fascination, professing herself to be a ‘herbology minor’ she’s studied independently by obsessively collecting books and plant manuals throughout her life. While the assemblage has waxed and waned over the years, the number now sits at a comfortable 15. Growing up on the prairies of Saskatchewan, Emily holds a strong interest in sustainable, local food and farming. Hoping one day to own land for the purposes of teaching others about local wild and cultivated food.  Emily’s passion for the next generation is evident in her work with Youth and Children, finding any excuse to share herb and plant knowledge with others.


Emily enjoys singing and dancing, a hot beverage and a good book. Campfire smoke and Spruce trees are her favourite scents. Known to for saying “there's a herb for that”, she is excited to learn and grow alongside Wisewood Apothecary!

Wisewood Apothecary

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Disclaimer: Wisewood Apothecary is not a pharmacy, nor does it offer any pharmacy-related services. The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, cure or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of you, the individual. We recommend that you consult your primary healthcare provider before using alternative healing methods or products.